Maybe You can help us to resolve problem with our Tenants? We are really desperate!! They are not paying us already 2 Months


I understand this is a frustrating situation. Eviction procedures can be lengthy, and, understandably, you’re worried. Here’s some advice that might help:

1. Seek professional guidance:

  • Landlord Association: They can advise you on the eviction process specific to your area and may offer resources or mediation.
  • Solicitor: A lawyer specializing in landlord and tenant issues can guide you through the legal steps and represent you in court, if necessary.

2. Continue following due process:

  • Ensure proper notice: Double-check that your initial notice follows local regulations.

3. Document everything:

  • Keep copies of all communications with the tenant, including rent receipts, notices, and emails.

4. Explore possibilities with the tenant:

  • Payment plan: If the tenant is genuinely struggling, consider a payment plan to catch up on arrears.
  • Cash for keys: This might involve offering them money to vacate the property by a specific date.

Here’s some general information to consider (remember specifics may vary):

  • Court timeline: Eviction through courts can take several months, but it may be shorter if the tenant has outstanding rent.

  • Pregnancy and eviction: Being pregnant doesn’t automatically prevent eviction, but the court might consider their situation during the process.

It’s important to remember that eviction laws are complex and vary depending on your location. Seeking professional guidance from a solicitor or landlord association is crucial to ensure you follow the legal steps correctly and maximize your chances of a successful outcome.

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