do former tenants have the right to ask for certificates, such as Gas Safety certificates, from their former landlords?


Here’s the breakdown of former tenants’ rights and landlord obligations regarding safety certificates:

Former Tenants’ Rights:

  • No direct legal right to request certificates: Once a tenancy ends, former tenants don’t have a legal right to request safety certificates like the Gas Safety Certificate (GSC) from their previous landlord.

Landlord Obligations:

  • Providing the Gas Safety Certificate to Current Tenants: Landlords have a legal obligation to provide a copy of the current Gas Safety Certificate to their current tenants within 28 days of the inspection.
  • Record Keeping: Landlords are required to keep records of gas safety inspections for at least 2 years.


  • While former tenants don’t have a legal right to demand the certificate, a reasonable landlord might be willing to provide a copy, especially if they have readily available records.
  • However, there’s no legal obligation for them to do so once the tenancy has ended.

Here are some additional points:

  • Importance of Gas Safety Certificates: Gas safety is crucial. Even though former tenants no longer reside in the property, they might have an interest in the safety of future occupants, especially if they know someone close to them might be renting the property in the future.
  • Alternative Ways for Former Tenants to Obtain Information: Former tenants can inquire about the gas safety status of the property through other means, such as:
    • Contacting the managing agent (if applicable).
    • Checking online gas safety registers (although these might not be exhaustive).

It’s important to remember that gas safety is paramount. While former tenants might not have a legal right to request the certificate after their tenancy ends, they still have a legitimate interest in ensuring the property is safe for future occupants.

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