Absolutely fuming


It’s completely understandable to be frustrated! The tenant’s actions with the thermostat and the energy bills are inconsiderate and causing you significant financial strain. Here’s why issuing a Section 21 notice might be a reasonable course of action:

Grounds for Eviction:

  • Damage to the property: Tampering with the thermostat and potentially causing damage due to extreme temperatures could be considered damage to the property.
  • Unreasonable behaviour: Continuously overriding your attempts to regulate heating and causing excessive energy bills falls under unreasonable tenant behaviour.
  • Financial burden: The significant increase in energy bills due to the tenant’s actions is a substantial financial burden you shouldn’t have to bear.

Issuing a Section 21 Notice:

  • Since you’ve already started the process, proceeding with the Section 21 notice seems justified based on the above grounds.
  • Remember, a Section 21 notice requires specific legal procedures and timeframes. Ensure you follow them correctly to avoid delays or complications in court.

Additional Considerations:

  • Communication: Before proceeding further, consider having a clear and firm conversation with the tenant, outlining the issues and potential consequences of their actions.
  • Legal Advice: Consulting a solicitor specializing in landlord-tenant disputes can be beneficial. They can assess your specific situation, advise on the legal strength of your case, and guide you through the eviction process effectively.

While the situation is frustrating, remember that you have valid grounds for seeking the tenant’s eviction based on their actions and the financial burden they’re causing. Taking the necessary steps to protect your property and financial interests is crucial.

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