When tenant leaves n doesn’t pay last months rent, can you inform Universal Credit?


No, you cannot directly inform Universal Credit (UC) that your tenant left without paying last month’s rent. Here’s why:

  • Data Protection: Landlords don’t have access to a tenant’s UC claim details due to data protection laws. UC won’t discuss a tenant’s claim with a landlord without the tenant’s consent.

However, there are steps you can take to recover the rent:

  • Contact the Tenant: Try contacting your tenant directly to request the outstanding rent payment.
  • Deposit Deductions (if applicable): If you have a tenancy deposit protected in a government-approved scheme, you might be able to claim deductions for unpaid rent, following the deposit scheme’s procedures.
  • Small Claims Court: If the deposit doesn’t cover the full amount or there’s no deposit, you can consider pursuing the debt through the Small Claims Court.

Alternative Payments for UC and Rent Arrears:

  • Direct Payments to Landlords: While you can’t directly inform UC about the arrears, tenants claiming UC can request to have their housing costs paid directly to the landlord. This can help avoid future rent arrears.

Here are some resources that you might find helpful:

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